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Erasaz bağlama atölyesi, bağlama imalat, bağlama yapımı, saz atölyesi, elektro saz

about us

ERASAZ was founded in Gaziantep in 1970 under the name of Aslan Müzik. In 1976, besides the sale of instruments, baglama production started. In 2007, it changed its name to Eras Music.
Being the number 1 fastening manufacturer in the sector, Erasaz has grown rapidly by expanding its sales channels.

Turkey has a large overseas market and Erasaz, quality, workmanship, excellent sound is committed to innovation and the world's leading producers of electronic and acoustic coupling.

As a recognized industry leader, he is used to working with customers of all sizes, small and large, local or global. Extraordinary quality and workmanship is not only the basis of Erasaz, but also directs all of its decisions, from what materials to purchase to how to provide the best service to its customers.

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