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Baglama is one of the most popular instruments of Turkish music. He stole the hearts of music lovers with the powerful and touching sound of traditional stringed instruments. However, with the technological developments of our age, baglama was also opened to innovations and electric saz emerged. The electric saz is a modern version of the traditional baglama and is equipped with electronic features. In this article, you will learn more about the history, properties and uses of the electric instrument.

The origin of #Electricsaz dates back to the 1960s. It was at that time that the idea arose to create an instrument capable of electronically amplifying the baglama sound. The electric saz was created by adding a magnetic coil pickup to the body of the traditional baglama. In this way, the baglama sound can be amplified with electronic devices and a wider listener can

be heard. became accessible to the general public.

The most distinctive feature of the electric instrument is its ability to electronically amplify its sound. The pickup and magnetic coils detect the vibrations of the wires and convert them into electrical signals. These signals are then amplified through amplifiers or speakers, so that the sound of the reed becomes clearer and louder. This feature provides a great advantage when using the electric instrument in concerts or recordings.

The usage areas of the electric saz are quite wide. It can be played like a traditional baglama and used as a solo or accompaniment instrument. However, thanks to its electronic features, it offers the opportunity to make music in different styles. It can be used in different genres such as electro saz, rock, jazz, pop and even electronic music. Musicians can expand their musical expression with the variety of tone and effects the electro instrument provides.

Another area where the electric baglama instrument is widely used is studio recordings. Thanks to its electronic features, the sound of the electric saz instrument can be easily recorded via microphones and edited with other instruments. This gives musicians and producers more flexibility in the recording process.

As a result, the electric saz is an instrument that combines traditional baglama with a modern approach. Thanks to its electronic features, it appeals to a wider audience and can be adapted for different styles and recording mediums. The electric baglama, a synthesis of traditional and modern music, has gained a unique place in the world of Turkish music and will continue to maintain its popularity in the coming years.

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