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As Erasaz, below are our lottery rules to be valid for all the draws we will make through our YOUTUBE channel.


– It is mandatory to follow the "@erasaz" Erasaz instagram account to participate in the draw.


– Participants must tag at least three friends in the comment section of the relevant Instagram post.


-To our youtube channel'Erasaz'and featured on the channel homepage'Eras Studios' It is mandatory to subscribe to our channel.(Our Eras Studios channel is at the bottom of the Erasaz channel homepage.)


– It is mandatory to write a comment on the video that we have specified on our Youtube channel.Because the lucky person in the lottery is among the users who commented on the video on our Youtube channel.simpliers.comwill be selected through 


– Through our Youtube channels 'Erasaz and Eras Studios'comments, likes, shares and watching the videos until the endIt is important in terms of interaction in the draw and the continuity of these draws. 


- Drawsimpliers.comwill be done by us. The results are on our website on the date we stated transparently.erasaz.comIt will be published as a link.


– Participation in the draw is free, domestic and international, the shipping fee belongs entirely to the lucky winner.

– If the winner is found to be missing any of the drawing conditions before the products are delivered, his rights are canceled and his prize is not delivered, even if he wins.


All followers participating in the draw are deemed to have declared that they have fully read and understood these terms and conditions and accepted the rules of the lottery with their participation. If the winner of the lottery does not return within 1 week from the end date, he loses his right and the prize goes to the reserve winner.

– erasaz.comreserves the right to change the frequency/dates of the draws, suspend and terminate the draws without notice.

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